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Auction of ceramics, glass, medals, militaria, guns, weapons, taxidermy & sporting
Venue address
Unit J, Bath Road Trading Estate
Bath Road
Stroud, Gloucestershire
United Kingdom
Auction of ceramics, glass, medals, militaria, guns, weapons, taxidermy & sporting

Auction dates
Aug 04, 2021 10:00 AM BST
Aug 05, 2021 10:00 AM BST
Viewing dates
Aug 03, 2021 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM BST
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We found 1544 items matching your search
Primary Category
Item Type
Sale Section
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Blue Mountain Pottery horse and foal, H20cm
10 GBP
Karl Ens porcelain figure of a thrush, H26cm
40 GBP
Staffordshire pair of tiger figures, H12cm
40 GBP
Beswick Girl Jumping a Fence
85 GBP
Beswick huntswoman on grey horse, H21cm
80 GBP
Beswick huntsman on brown horse, H21cm
50 GBP
Beswick girl on skewbald pony, H15cm
60 GBP
Beswick boy on palomino pony, H15cm
70 GBP
Six Beswick hounds
35 GBP
Beswick mare and foal on base, H19cm
22 GBP
Two Beswick Mallard ducks, models 749 and 750, H18cm
40 GBP
Beswick rearing horse in palomino colourway, model 1014, H28cm
130 GBP
Beswick birds including Cedar Waxwing and swan with cygnet, Royal Worcester signed thimbles,
55 GBP
Three Goss miniature houses comprising Shakespeare's, Ann Hathaway's and Samuel Johnson's,
20 GBP
A collection of Royal Doulton Walt Disney 70th Anniversary figures
80 GBP
Set of Royal Doulton Walt Disney 101 Dalmatians figures, in boxes
85 GBP
Seven Royal Doulton 101 Dalmatian figures
25 GBP
Hummel Goebel figures 'Little Pharmacist' 04 1955, 14cm and 'Lets Sing' 110/1 1939
10 GBP
Ten Hummel Goebel figures including 'Signs of Spring', 'Monkey Business' and 'Love Petals'
15 GBP
Beswick eagle and fox, together with four Cornish Pottery seals etc
20 - 40 GBP
Royal Doulton character figures including Biddy Penny Farthing, Tuppence A Bag, and Balloon
40 GBP
Lladro, Nao, Goebel Hummel, Sylvac, Beswick and Royal Doulton figures, tallest 25cm
35 GBP
Royal Doulton Balloon Lady and Lladro and Nao figures, tallest 22cm
45 GBP
Two Royal Doulton horses
20 GBP
Copenhagen figure of a pointer dog, H18cm
55 GBP
Copenhagen figure of two puppies, H15cm
28 GBP
Pair of Copenhagen figures of children with calves, tallest 17cm
65 GBP
Four Copenhagen child figures, tallest 19cm
220 GBP
Four Copenhagen bird and animal figures, tallest 12cm
32 GBP
Lladro figurine of a lady with lap dog, H33cm
50 GBP
Beswick Fireside Old English Sheepdog, model no 2232, H30cm
30 GBP
Copenhagen figure of a girl sewing, marked 1314 and 173 to base, H15.5cm
20 GBP
Lladro style figures including man on a donkey, Nao, Lomonosov etc, tallest 36cm
42 GBP
Six Lladro and Nao figures including sweethearts, girls with parasols etc
170 GBP
Eight Lladro and Nao figures, tallest 35cm
75 GBP
Lladro figure of a girl with a hatbox talking to a bellboy, H44cm
80 GBP
Eighteen Royal Doulton and Royal Worcester figurines
140 GBP
Three Crown Staffordshire figures of children picking flowers, largest W24 x H17cm
25 GBP
Lladro vase, in original box, H26cm
30 GBP
Two Royal Doulton character figurines Biddy Penny Farthing and Silks and Ribbons, tallest 22cm
40 GBP
Royal Doulton child figurine Girl Evacuee HN3203, H20cm
40 GBP
Coalport Limited edition figurine Madame de Pompadour, H23cm
100 GBP
Collection of Lladro, Nao and Coalport figures, tallest 27cm
70 GBP
Lladro figure of a reclining boy and four Nao figures, tallest 27cm
50 GBP
Three Capodimonte figures, a pair of Capodimonte figural lamps and three Royal Worcester
48 GBP
Royal Doulton figurine 'The Parsons Daughter' HN564, plus one other
32 GBP
Eight Royal Doulton figurines including Figure of the Year Deborah, with certificate
85 GBP
Eight Royal Doulton figurines including Figure of the Year Jessica, with certificate
70 GBP
Nine Royal Doulton figurines including Amanda, May etc
70 GBP
Royal Doulton Spaniel HN1036 and three Royal Doulton figurines including Autumn Breezes, Alexandra
40 - 60 GBP